Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations are paramount in our approach to doing business. The Company is committed to operating in accordance with the highest internationally recognized guidelines, standards, and good practices.

  • Aligned to the Equator Principles in determining, assessing, and managing environmental and social risk
  • Implementing the IFC’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards & ‘CG’ Methodology
  • Putting into practice the PDAC Environmental Excellence in Exploration ‘e3 Plus’ Framework



Through every step of its project development, G2 has considered industry best practice, exceeding mandated in-country (GGMC) protocols. From climate-conscious boardroom decisions to on-site drilling and contracting, G2 strives for operational excellence in all that we do. The ESG Committee convenes to develop robust internal governance frameworks and review monthly reporting both from a designated on-site contact and HQ.

Illuminating our camps with solar powered lighting

Securely storing & transporting hazardous materials

Exploring rainforest carbon-offsets & reforestation


Artisanal (mid-scale) miners are under the jurisdiction of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Country-wide environmental and operating regulations are in place to govern such activities.


Accessible up-skilling opportunities form an important part of G2’s Commitment to Community. On-site technicians are trained in measuring core, taking structural readings, and recording data. Personnel-in-training are exposed to, and interface with, geological software and assist in field exploration activities.

G2 is recruiting, training, and retaining employees, fostering a culture of diverse traditions, customs, and unique perspectives. The G2 Board is of the firm belief that this approach is instrumental in the ultimate success of the company. Senior Guyanese geologists and management represent vast in-country experience. G2 is proud to hire core shed technicians and upskill employees from St. Cuthbert’s Mission.


People are the priority and G2 never compromise on workforce wellbeing. The company follows the occupational health and safety guidelines of the Guyana Geology & Mines Commission (GGMC) and is guided by the Guyana Mining Act [1989].

G2 operates under a zero-harm policy which permeates all operational procedures. G2 personnel are required to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) on site when operating machinery and in proximity to operating drill rigs. On-site geologists and technicians are briefed and provided with safety training before commencing work. Contracted staff abide by their respective company-specific mandates as well as G2’s on-site working environment.

G2 has a system in place for logging potential incidents, promoting an environment which favours and supports open reporting.


In response to the pandemic, G2 has implemented a screening process to maintain a COVID-free zone on site. Employees are rapid tested in Georgetown before mobilizing and tested prior to boarding Essequibo water ferries. Public health guidelines are adhered to while in transit including masking and social distancing. The company policy of masking is in effect when personnel leave camp for field work.


Generating meaningful opportunities starts with supporting personal growth, enhancing quality of life, and skill development. Creating economic value for our shareholders is underpinned by how we attract and retain the top talents in the industry. Across jurisdictions, G2 employees are compensated fairy and, in all instances, well above the minimum wage.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Principles govern and guide G2 in the recognition of employee fundamental rights and freedoms.