G2 Goldfields is committed to championing socially and environmentally conscious mineral resource development. We believe in responsible mineral exploration as a catalyst for transformative shared economic and social value in the regions where we operate.

G2 Goldfields follows the Equator Principles in determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk.

Stewardship of the land on which we operate is at the heart of G2 Goldfields’ mission. The G2 team works diligently to preserve the integrity of the natural environment and minimize the company’s footprint.

The company recognizes the high biodiversity and conservation value of the Guyana interior. G2 Goldfields has put in place procedural guidelines to ensure best practices are adhered to at all times. The utmost care is taken in designing and executing drill programs. All used lubricants and oils from company equipment are collected for safe disposal and recycling where possible.

The safety and well-being of G2 employees is our priority. Precautionary measures are taken to mitigate and ultimately prevent any potential hazards. On-site personnel are provided with personal protective equipment and necessary training.

G2’s commitment to safety goes beyond our team, to contracted professionals and service providers. The company holds third parties to a high standard on their safety policies when operating on site.

G2 Goldfields is committed to building impactful and lasting relationships with communities where we operate.

Supporting local businesses and encouraging ingenuity is an integral part of our philosophy. Whenever possible, G2 Goldfields procures community-owned goods and services. We envision these relationships becoming ever more sustained as the company continues to grow.

The company continues to respect First Nations community wishes and interests within traditional territories. G2 has consistently pledged support for community initiatives and capacity building as per the company’s mandate.

We recognize the importance of promoting diversity throughout the organization and across the mining industry. Embedding a culture of inclusion is integral to the growth of a healthy workplace environment that fosters both innovation and collaboration.

The company is committed to offering training and employment opportunities to community members. At the Sandy Lake Project, First Nations employees are trained to assist with prospecting, fieldwork, drilling, core logging and sample preparation.

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